USB Client Driver loading in WCE 5.0

Hi All,
I am working on integrating a 3rd party USB Client driver integration
into our BSP.
I have never worked on USB driver before.I have the registry keys
given to us by third party and that tells like it is a client driver.
I went through the msdn about it but could not get much about it.
I got to know that these drivers should be loaded by USB EHCI driver.

When I plug this device into my bsp I see as USB_FN and RNDISFN driver
unloaded and USB_EHCI and USBD loaded.I am not sure what should happen
next coz I didnt see any other debug messages.

When I unplug this device from my bsp I see as USB_FN and RNDISFN
driver loaded and USB_EHCI and USBD unloaded.

Can anybody help?

T Pandey

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