Re: LCD Display problem

On Oct 18, 2:34 am, Ankur <An...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Friends,

I am using ILI9325 a-Si TFT LCD with 240RGBx320 Resolution. The host
controller is samsung s3c2412 processor.

After doing require modification in eboot  and commenting the
reinitialization of LCD in SMDK2412\Src\Kernel\Oal\init.c under OEMInit
function.  While booting it shows clean image of samsung logo and when
explorer starts it looks like following If one look
into the above image, the desktop image is displayed perfect but the taskbar
only is slanted. Can someone suggest where can be the problem exists
a) In the LCD driver ?
b) In the kernel where it displays the taskbar ?

Help is highly appreciated.

Hve a Good Day.

Thank you,

Do you think the kernel is getting the image it wants to splash o to
the screen?
I mean if you initialized the LCD controller properly as per
You are saying only the taskbar problem but it is upside down also.Is
this as desired?

Look for display controller initialization in your lcd driver.

T Pandey