Trying to get an ARMV Emulator SDK to run - What am I doing wrong?

Hello everyone,
I´m trying to get a Microsoft DeviceEmulator ARMV4L SDK to run but I´m
having trouble doing this:
I installed the MS WinCE 5.0 Platform Builder and then the
DeviceEmulatorBSP.msi file from Microsoft.
After installing the BSP file I read through the "Using the CE
DeviceEmulator.rtf" file that is installed with the msi file and of course
proceeded like it is described there.
I was able to build an SDK msi file and installed it.
But when I now start the MS Device Emulator Manager, I cannot connect to my
personla Emulator, even though it appears in the list.
If i mark it in the device list and then click on "Actions" the "Connect"
option is greyed out.
Have I forgotten to anchor something or is something missing?
What do I have to do, to get a self build SDK running via the Device
Emulator Manager?
Does anyone of you e.g. know a link to where I can get some more
instructions on how to do this?
The background is, that I develop software for handheld scanner and I´m not
always connected to a "real" scanner. In this case using a Win CE 5.0
Emulator would help me a lot.
Thanks for any hint.