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Thank you!

I'll try by this way.

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"Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" wrote:

So, if I understand correctly:

When CE is running on your SMDK2440 platform and you plug a USB device
into the USB port of the SMDK2440, CE pops up a dialog asking for a
driver, right?

If you have the driver for the USB device then you should add it to your
platform, *if* you are the OEM (but since it's a SMD2440 I suspect you
are) and have access to the OSDesign and BSP.

To add the driver just copy the driver DLL into your BSP\FILES folder.
Then add an entry for the DLL in platform.bib and setup all registry
entries needed by the device driver in platform.reg.

Now sysgen your BSP, then choose "Copy files to release folder" from the
build menu (in CE 6.0 you need to select "Copy files" before you sysgen)
and finally do a makeimg. Now check your ce.bib and reginit.ini in the
_FLATRELEASEDIR for the entries you just made in platform.bib and
platform.reg. If they are in ce.bib and reginit.ini the driver is
correctly included in your kernel.

I've thought that maybe I should load the D2XX drivers

I have no idea what "D2XX" drivers are, you have to tell us more but I
think you should be able to get it all going by following my advice above.

Good luck,

Michel Verhagen, eMVP
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San wrote:

as Bruce told me on

forum I've read his post Platform Builder: Debugging the Boot Hive. I think
it's really usefull.
I've viewed the nk.bin file and I've verified that the usbharv.dll file is
in it but there is still a problem...

So, as I'm new on this forum I think it's better if I explain the question..

I have to add some drivers to my OS desing. At first, I should connect a
device to my smdk2440 platform via USB. The problem is that, as someone
thought when he answered me on another forum, I've already tried to include
the usbharv.dll driver in the right way but the platform doesn't recognize
the device. When I connect USB, windows CE ask me to write the device driver
name, I write it but it has no changes...

I've thought that maybe I should load the D2XX drivers...could someone tell
me if I could be the right way? Is the first tie that I try to work with
windows CE so I'm a little lost...

thanks in advance!