Re: Why does hive-base registry couse the default power status fai

1. Because PM is started in boot phase 1
2. Only the boot hive is loaded at that point in time
3. PM only reads its settings from the registry when it initializes

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C.L wrote:
Dear Bruce,

Could you please tell me why pm.dll only check the registery in the boot hive when using hive-base registry? Thank you.

"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

Did you put those in the boot hive?

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"hehe" <hehe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6E49133B-D773-413D-8FD4-9D4684142ECA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I want to set some device's default power status. I set it in registry such
as the follow:


it work fine under ram-base registry, but when used hive base registry, it
doesn't work. how can i do??

by the way, i find some device driver can cause the system into d2 mode
immediately after resume, why??


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