Re: Create dir on flash at boot (WinCE6.0)

Easiest way forward is to create an application that creates the folders for you. You then start this application through the HKLM\Init key. The application will wait for the NAND Flash to mount (by using device notifications or even polling with FindFirst/NextStore).

I'm not entirely sure if forcing the NAND to mount in boot phase 1 will be soon enough for .dat file execution (but I don't think so).

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RickardF wrote:
Hi all,
I'm trying to set up a directory structure on my flash at boot by
using project.dat.
My flash mounts as "NAND_Flash" so the command in my project.dat looks
something like:


Now, when I boot my system I find that the "NAND_Flash\MyDir" is found
in the RAM file system and that my flash is mounted as "NAND_Flash2"
and is empty.

I realise that this is because the flash has not been mounted at the
time the .dat command is executed but how can I force this? Or, is
this even the way forward?