Kernel hangs at Ceddk!CalibrateStallCounter

hi I am trying to port 2420 bsp to 2430

My kernel hangs at ceddk initialization. I have not implemented all
the function . is it dependent on these functions pointers?

Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Sep 6 2006 at
ProcessorType=0b36 Revision=5
OEMAddressTable = 84004d78
L1Flags: 0x00000000
L1ISetsPerWay: 0x00000100 (256)
L1INumWays: 0x00000004 (4)
L1ILineSize: 0x00000020 (32)
L1ISize: 0x00008000 (32768)
L1DSetsPerWay: 0x00000100 (256)
L1DNumWays: 0x00000004 (4)
L1DLineSize: 0x00000020 (32)
L1DSize: 0x00008000 (32768)
+OALIntrStaticTranslate(1, 55)
+OEMInterruptEnable(1, 0x0, 0)
+OALIntrEnableIrqs(5, 0x85226294)
-OALIntrEnableIrqs(rc = 1)
-OEMInterruptEnable(rc = 1)
Intr Init done
+OALTimerInit(1, 0, 0)
+OALIntrRequestSysIntr(1, 0x85226010, 0x00000004)
-OALIntrRequestSysIntr(sysIntr = 16)
Timer Load Value is 21
+OEMInterruptEnable(16, 0x0, 0)
+OALIntrEnableIrqs(5, 0x852263c0)
-OALIntrEnableIrqs(rc = 1)
-OEMInterruptEnable(rc = 1)
-OALTimerInit..(rc = 1)
Timer Init done...
Setting up softlog at 0x85ffc000 for 0x800 entries
Booting Windows CE version 6.00 for (ARM)
&pTOC = 85277c1c, pTOC = 8521e4f8, pTOC->ulRamFree = 8527c000,
MemForPT = 00001000

Old or invalid version stamp in kernel structures - starting clean!
Configuring: Primary pages: 3452, Secondary pages: 0, Filesystem pages
= 134

Booting kernel with clean memory configuration:
Memory Sections:
[0] : start: 8527e000, extension: 00002000, length: 00d7c000
NKStartup done, starting up kernel.
Windows CE KernelInit
Reserve VM for kernel XIP DLls, first = c0010000, last = c0b40000
g_pprcNK == 0x85275aa0
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 00008000
Initializing Memory Mapped File Support
Scheduling the first thread.
Detecting VFP... VFP Not Found!
LoaderInit: Initialing loader
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 00008000
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 000a2000
Updated eptr->e32_vsize to = 00022000
Heap Statistics at 0xC018A980
PGPOOL: Reserved 768 pages for Loader pool
PGPOOL: Reserved 256 pages for File pool
OSAXST0: Platform Name =
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'kd.dll' (0x85FDB87C) at address
0xC0010000-0xC0045000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
KD: Starting kernel debugger software probe (KdStub) - KD API version
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0) at address
0x84000000-0x84008000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
Message Queue support initialized, g_hMsgQHeap = d0040750
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'filesys.dll' (0x85FB6564) at address
0xC01C0000-0xC0259000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'k.fpcrt.dll' (0x85FB66AC) at address
0xC01A0000-0xC01B8000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'fsdmgr.dll' (0x85FB67F4) at address
0xC0540000-0xC0585000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
CertMod.dll not found, using old OEM Trust Model
FileSystem Starting - starting with clean file system
FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolumeName: Registered "StoreMgr" at
index 2FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolume: Registered volume at index
2 (Name="StoreMgr", MountFlags=0x1)FSDMGR!InitializeROMFileSystem:
File System=ROM
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'romfsd.dll' (0x85FA0AB0) at address
0xC0260000-0xC0267000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolumeName: Registered "ROM" at index
3FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolume: Registered volume at index 3
(Name="ROM", MountFlags=0x71)Warning: unable to protect OEM reg keys
FSVOL: Opening existing volume
FSVOL: Volume heap already initialized
FSREG: Mounted ROM portion of boot registry
FSVOL: Creating clean virtual volume
FSVOL: Initializing volume heap
FSREG: Mounted RAM portion of boot registry
FS: Creating signal event SYSTEM/DevMgrApiSetReady
FS: Creating signal event SYSTEM/PowerManagerReady
FS: Creating signal event SYSTEM/GweApiSetReady
FS: Creating signal event ReleaseFSD
FSREG: Unable to read value "Start DevMgr" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
FILESYS: Starting boot phase 0.
FSDMGR!STOREMGR_StartBootPhase BootPhase=0 (PrevBootPhase=-1)
FSDMGR: File security disabled.
FSDMGR!AutoLoadFileSystems: CurrentBootPhase=0, LoadFlags=1
FSDMGR!AutoLoadFileSystem: CurrentBootPhase=0, RootKey=System
\StorageManager\AutoLoad, FileSystem_t=ObjectStore
FILESYS: RAM File System FSD_MountDisk registering folder "Object
FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolumeName: Registered "Object Store" at
index 4FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolume: Registered volume at index
4 (Name="", MountFlags=0x46)FILESYS: Starting boot phase 1.
FSDMGR!STOREMGR_StartBootPhase BootPhase=1 (PrevBootPhase=0)
FSDMGR!AutoLoadFileSystems: CurrentBootPhase=1, LoadFlags=1
FSDMGR!AutoLoadFileSystem: CurrentBootPhase=1, RootKey=System
\StorageManager\AutoLoad, FileSystem_t=Relfsd
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'relfsd.dll' (0x85F81A10) at address
0xC04F0000-0xC04FF000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
FILESYS: Starting device and waiting for boot file system.
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'device.dll' (0x85F7809C) at address
0xC0450000-0xC0455000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'devmgr.dll' (0x85F781D4) at address
0xC0460000-0xC0487000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'k.ceddk.dll' (0x85F7830C) at address
0xC0620000-0xC062E000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
OSAXST1: >>> Loading Module 'pm.dll' (0x85F78444) at address
0xC04B0000-0xC04D7000 in Process 'NK.EXE' (0x85275AA0)
*** DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH - Current Process: 0x42, ID: 0x400002 ***
Filesys: Loaded device.dll
FILESYS: Waiting for device manager to signal BootPhase1 completion.
FSDMGR!PNPThread: Using PNPUnloadDelay of 4096
FSDMGR!PNPThread: PNPThread starting!
FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolumeName: Registered "$device" at index
5FSDMGR!MountTable_t::RegisterVolume: Registered volume at index 5
(Name="$device", MountFlags=0x1)FSDMGR!
MountTable_t::RegisterVolumeName: Registered "$bus" at index 6FSDMGR!
MountTable_t::RegisterVolume: Registered volume at index 6
(Name="$bus", MountFlags=0x1)-InitDeviceFileSystems: status is 1
Ceddk!CalibrateStallCounter: Enter
Ceddk!CalibrateStallCounter: Could not find stall counter
Ceddk!BeginCalibration: min(101) max(112)