two problems when starting PB for Win CE 5.0 - need help

Hello everyone,
I´m developing for win ce 5.0 os on mobile handheld scanners. Now I´ve
installed the ce 5.0 pb because I´m trying to build a windows ce 5.0 emulator
image, so that I can emulate it in vs 2005. Debugging on the real scanner is
sometimes painstaking slow. I´ve installed the pb with x86 and ARMIV support.
The installation went fine and without errors but when I start the platform
builder I get two informational messages:

1. No primary processors are available. The build system will be disabled.
It is likely that a build system 'add-on' processor (.pkg), installed by
Setup, failed to load.
2. the selected configuration does not have an installed debugger. You
cannot debug this configuration.

I can live with the second message, but the first needs to be resolved.
I´ve already tried a repair installation but that didn´t change anything.
Does anyone what went wrong here and how I can fix this installation.

Thank you very much for any hints.

best regards,