Re: WindowCE 5.0 + XIP Chain question!

With XIP Chain, you still need to load all of the section into RAM at once when booting.
As your loading on demand, the BinFS will be more suitable for you.
Basically, it is working as your expectation, having a tiny kernel with minimum drivers just enough to mount the BinFS, and all of the consequence drivers and files are loaded from BinFS volume.

For more info, you may refer to
but this one could be better although it is for CE 6.

Note that although by using the BinFS will come out a smaller image for boot loader to launch which implies the loading process in boot loader could be faster, but due to the demand paging could introduce numerous page-in/out that could bring an impact to the overall performance.
One could fine tune the page size by changing cbNKPagingPoolSize OAL variable, for more detail could refer to

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Yes, it can reduce RAM usage and fast the boot time. You can get more from

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Hi All,

I have a Windows CE 5.0 BSP, where in all drivers, applications and
filters are added to NK.bin. Is there any way I can split modules into
NK.bin, Apps.bin, Filters.bin and Drivers.bin?

Basically I want to load NK.bin which has basic drivers such as
display, keypad etc.during the device bootup time and load others like
apps, filters etc on demand. Is this possible?

With current NK.bin (which has every thing apps, drivers, filters)
total RAMIMAGE size is around 23MB. If I have 64MB of RAM, 23 MB will
be gone. So I thought of loading NK with basic drivers and load others
on demand. How to reduced RAM usage?

I was reading about XIPChain topic from MSDN. If I create XIP chain,
is it going to reduce RAM usage? What is advantage of having XIPChain?
Can some one tell me how to reduce RAM usage?