Re: Build and Sysgen question

I appreciate the response, but it sure sounds a bit hostile to me... If you
would have read my post a bit more carefully you would have seen that I do
not, and have not done a build and sysgen. I was trying to support your
arguments to my Boss (Who does 1.5 hour builds all the time) and I was
looking for more ammunition...

Joe W.

"Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" <michel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
There's nobody here that forbids you to do a clean and sysgen. Just be
aware that as soon as you run into a problem and you mention you did a
build and sysgen everybody here will say: reinstall CE first, then we'll
talk. If you want to spend 1.5 hours every time you change 1 thing in
PUBLIC code, be my guest. We couldn't care less (but I think your boss
will start complaining about the lack of progress very soon). Cloning
public code is (in most cases) not that difficult, so why would you not?

If you change something in your cloned public driver all that's needed is
a very quick targeted build and makeimg (and even a makeimg can be omitted
if you add your cloned driver to the "load from release dir" list).

There are a million reasons why you should NEVER EVER do a build and
sysgen, but you seem to have made up your mind and think that changing
PUBLIC code is a shortcut. Actually, it is not; it's being lazy and will
give you much grief in the near future.

A clean-build and sysgen will definitely compile, but some final binaries
*will* be different. The problem with QFE's is that they always contain
changed binaries, but sometimes MS forgets to include some changed source
files. I've seen examples of this in the past, but I'm not going back and
try to find these for you. You just have to take my word for it.

More info here:
An example of how to clone a driver here:

Good luck,

Michel Verhagen, eMVP
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Joe Welfeld wrote:

I have been reading and searching the posts but still dont really see
any specific examples for this issue. His current build does include the
DSHOW components and a clean build and sysgen does work, perhaps its
processor/lib dependent we are running x86 and QFE's are all up to date.

Joe W.

"Erwin Zwart" <"erwin AT GuruCE DOT COM"> wrote in message
Include DSHOW components. Make sure you set the "clean before building"
flag is on... Do a build and sysgen...and then...

Happy reinstalling PB(I tested this one month ago)!

Installing QFE's *might* update the libs you need but doesn't

Besides the fact that it isn't necessary (because everything is there in
binary from), the build process takes a lot of time.

Anyhow, look at the many post about this,

Good luck,

Erwin Zwart,
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Joe Welfeld schreef:
Hi All,

I have been working in the embedded world for many years, but
relatively new to WinCE (5.0 for less then 2 years). I use this
newsgroup religiously (It seems I am the only one here that uses it ).
I read and have adhered to the Never Ever do a build and Sysgen, but
I just got into a discussion with someone who does them all the time
and doesn't see any problem. My understanding of the problem is that
if I do a Clean with "build and sysgen" I cannot re-build all the
lib's as delivered by Microsoft. I guess I cannot argue this point
persuasively enough and was wondering if someone can point me to real
examples of what lib's I cannot rebuild because I don't have the same
code. He mentions that when we install QFE's we get the new lib but
I also get the source code that would allow me to create that same lib.
If I don't have all the source code then why does a Build and Sysgen
with clean actually build my system, one would think we would get link
or build errors. So is it possible for someone to list out some of
the lib's that I cannot re-build to the same versions as released,
otherwise it's a lost argument...


Joe W.