Re: Compiling the Public Folder in WM6.1

You can put breakpoints in public code without having to modify the code. What is the problem?

If you need to change the code you should clone the module (see

I am not changing the
code only changing the source file

This doesn't make any sense. Are you changing the "sources." file? If so, what are you changing there? Nothing there I can think of that can influence your ability to put breakpoints in the source... If you change a source file (like a .c, .cpp, .h etc file) than you *are* changing the source (and you would need a clean build and sysgen to get that change into your kernel but you should NEVER do that, see

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tpandey02@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,

I just want to put some debug macros in one of the PUBLIC folder so
that I can put breakpoints and see what is happening in the MDD.

If I do a sysgen for this minor change (Note I am not changing the
code only changing the source file) this will take more time.
Is there anything like doing a build -c or makeimg that takes very
less time compare to SYSGEN.