Re: Platform Builder Help Update

You can't. The documentation changes have never been documented in detail.

The documentation update is right here:

Paul T.

"Helge Kruse" <Helge.Kruse-nospam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

thanks for reply. I just noticed that the QFE060430_KBHELPDOCS item in the
ceqfecheck tree appeared yellow this days. Therefore I expected to get it
from the download page. But while the September 2009 QFEs are available
now I cannot find the QFE060430_KBHELPDOCS. Since the name 060430_xxx
suggests a rather old update, I search MSDN for 060430_KBHELPDOCS. I found
the name but no download link. Where is it available?

And since it's a documentation update: It's ok to have the latest docs
installed. But I would like to know, what has changed to keep care, if it
affects my code. How do I find the documentation changes (if I got the
"missing" update)?



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