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How bout this?

C:\WCE\PB6\WINCE600\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\BIN\I386>romimage.exe /?

Windows CE ROM Image Builder v4.0.000 Copyright (c) Microsoft
Corporation Built: Dec 27 2007 15:56:10

Usage: romimage [options] filename.bib

What do you mean?
Here's the output of romimage using my .bib file:

Windows CE ROM Image Builder v4.0.000 Copyright (c) Microsoft
Built: Jul 25 2006 16:36:51

Copying C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\XXXXXXXXMini\XXXXXXXXMini\RelDir
\PNDXXXXXXXX_ARMV4I_Debug\bootload.exe to C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns
for debugger
Found pTOC at 00002598
No imports for nk.exe
Processing EBOOT

Writing C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\XXXXXXXXMini\XXXXXXXXMini\RelDir
Table of contents 000a0824 00000020 ( 32)
Writing ROM signature and TOC pointer at 00070040
Profile Header: 000a2000 00000020 ( 32)
Kernel data copy section 000a0844 00000030 ( 48)
ROM Header 000a07d0 00000054 ( 84)
First DLL Address: 4001c001
Last DLL Address: 4001c001
Physical Start Address: 00070000
Physical End Address: 000a3e30
Start RAM: 000b0000
Start of free RAM: 000b2000
End of RAM: 000c0000
Number of Modules: 1
Number of Copy Sections: 3
Copy Section Offset: 000a0844
FileSys 4K Chunks/Mbyte: 128 <2Mbyte 128 2-4Mbyte 0 4-6Mbyte 0 >
CPU Type: 01c2h
Miscellaneous Flags: 0002h
Total ROM size: 00033e30 ( 212528)
Starting ip: 00071000
Raw files size: 00000000
Compressed files size: 00000000
Compacting bin file...
Writing sre file...
Writing rom file...
Start 30040000 Len 00000004
Start 30040040 Len 00000008
Start 30040048 Len 00000004
Start 30041000 Len 0002f7d0
Start 300707d0 Len 00000054
Start 30070824 Len 00000050
Start 30071000 Len 00000fd4
Start 30072000 Len 00001e30
Creating rom file C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\XXXXXXXXMini\XXXXXXXXMini

I can't see anything useful to understand how the copy table is

Valter Minute
Training, support and development for Windows CE
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