RE: Platform Builder 5.0 cancels image download on Windows Vista

Two words... dual boot. I am not too familiar with the characteristics of PB
on Vista.

Seriously, that is strange. Can you get any indication on the device side
what might be happening to cause the download to pause? Has anything else
changed with your setup (workstation, network, etc.). Have you tried using a
crossover cable with static IPs to see if the same problem occurs?

It does seem strange that the download starts, and then dies.

"pkuebler" wrote:

Hello everybody,

one little question :-) By now, I'm running Windows Vista for about two
months. At the beginning, Platform Builder 5.0 seemed not to work on that.
Furtunately Build, Sysgen, ... now seem to work. Creating a image also works
fine. The problem occurs when a download to the device (PXA270) is being

On Windows XP the download over ethernet worked fine. On Vista the device
also appears within the connectivity options. It even starts downloading. But
after a few mbytes (between 5 and 11 megs) the download pauses and finally
the download dialog disappears without any message. I tried serveral
configurations, all without success ....

So the question is: What am I going to do now? :-)

Kind regards,