Re: How to unload or reload a WinCE driver

Let me restate what Chris said, but in a different way.

The handle stored in the HKLM\Drivers\Active is undocumented, as such it may
change in the future. So while your code may work in some cases today, it
may also fail in some case (none that I know of personally) and may fail in
the future based on a QFE or new Windows CE version.

So proceed with that at your own risk.

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"Dark Knight" <VaisakhRulez@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Oct 15, 8:55 am, "Chris Tacke, MVP" <>
Getting that handle and using it is a kludge available only in CE 5.0 and
earlier. You can't use it in 6.0 or later.


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There is a really good post by bruce eitman in his blog check it out.

If you are not having the device handle, you can obtain it from
registry (Hnd under the Drivers\Active\<instance> key)

Vaisakh P S

Yes it is possible in windows ce 6.0.
What i did was, i took the handle value from registry Active entry,
and used the sample program given by bruce to unload the driver and it
The entry was removed from active list.