Re: Download & Run Image through EtherNet.

thank you very much Yash for reply.

I changed the board card and try. it is properly configured and working.
the new one is currently very soon purchased. but the same process do not
work on the older one. any way i will try to work on ur hints.

I also have an other problem that some times the eboot.nb0 file does not
download through the transmit methods. even the configuration and other
settings are correct. I change and add some assembly code in the "MMU.s" file
then the file transmit and run correctly. but what is exactly wrong with the
nb0 file and what is the solution i don't know.
below is the given DNW message after transmitting the eboot.nb0 file.
Now, Downloading [ADDRESS:30038000h,TOTAL:90122]
Now, Checksum calculation
Download O.K.

After this the nb0 file must load in ram and must run to show its options.
But unfortunatly it can't....

can u plzzz give any hints for this..

yash wrote:
Hello Zubair,

I think that 2440 board u must have got must be having a Porting Guide
or a Readme. I think it wud be a good suggestion to just peek into it.
It might give u some more insights.

Just my suggestion, there will be a menu item in the EBOOT menu for
marking the bad blocks. I think u might have just missed it. Please
check it.

So u need to follow the sequence
1. Erase All blocks and then download the Steploader + EBOOT
combination (u might need to do it only once)
2. Boot up and Halt the EBOOT
3. Mark the Boot Blocks Bad (can be done by 2 options a. marking them
bad b. formating the flash)
4. Download the image and le it boot up....

After this procedure try booting up the board and then loading the
image. I reckon it might solve u'r problem.


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 Hi Friends.
 I am working in WinCE 5.0 , and samsung jtk2440 board. Now I want to
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