Re: porting 2420 bsp to 2430

On Oct 13, 6:23 am, bhoj <vishalb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I am  trying to port wince 6.0 to 2430 using 2420 bsp. eboot works
fine . i download the nk.bin to the ram . i dont flash it into nand
but start executing it . but i dont get any output. i am not able to
trace where execution fails. it works till the mmu is enabled which i
could see on the disassembly on ccs,after enabling mmu i dont get the
disassembly. I tried to find if it reaches to oeminitdebugserial but
it does not. what might have possiblly gone wrong. how can i debug
with mmu on.

Should I initialize anything other than the Globalddress table.

How can I debug with JTAG with MMU on ?

Hi Vishal,

We did the same porting of OMAP2420 to 2430 bsp.As far as your
debugging is concerned I am sure you might have put some hex value at
the address that is there in the BSP namely LED address so that
displays the value and in turn tells that this is the place where
execution failed.

You said that your execution came till MMU and it didn't work after
MMU enabled.So when MMU is enabled it does the physical to virtual
mapping for the Kernel.
I will advice you to look for all the places you need to map your
physical memory to Virtual Memory coz it seems that Kernel is not able
to get to the memory.
I am sure as per your say you must have changed the oal address table
as per your bsp.