Re: New Platform Developer seeking hardware tip

Q1: USB is one of the possibilitys, the thing comes with an USB tool.
Q2: "PDA application buttons" ???? huh? , what do you mean/want ?
Q3: The eval-kit has VGA.... (std=640/480x16 , we use 800/600x16)
Q4: Don't know, I get the impression you never played around with any
HW-platform & WinCE, just start with one and learn....

Good luck,

"Tuno" wrote:

Thank you Rob, this looks like the tip I was hoping for!

Again I am new at platform development, I'm trying to develop a simple
PDA replacement (with only the OS), and I have a few basic questions:

1) For something like the CM-X270, is my developed OS image uploaded
via USB?
2) How are PDA application buttons typically replicated in an
3) Are VGA displays commonly used with devices like this?
4) What issues are most often overlooked by new platform developers?

Thanks again



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