Re: Add OpenSSH to Windows CE 6 R2 build

Bruce Eitman [eMVP] schrieb:
I just had a similar problem. The build window didn't give any hint as to why it failed to create any obj files, but the build.log had the problem well defined.

Did you finally get OpenSSH running on MS Windows CE6R2?

I can get it compiled but it crashes either when launching sshd.exe or on connect - I find it hard to debug without creating visual studio projects out of all subdirectories which seems to be a pain...

Possibly it is just a question of configuration file and host certificates - can someone maybe provide me with sample files that work?

Even better - is there someone who has a complete ssh folder for WinCE6 platform builder he could provide to us?

Martin Pauly
Sator Laser GmbH