Re: Batch file WM6.1

So open bldrel.bat and see what it does. You will see that it copies files
from your FILES folder to the release dir.

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<tpandey02@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi All,

I have written a batch file that calculates the hash for the mentioned
drivers and then I read those hash values via my application.
For the fast development and testing I am making changes in the
"\releasedir\premakeimg.bat".I have this application to calculate hash
for the driver that I put into "\ReleaseDir\xxx.exe".

So If I am doing a "blddemo -qbsp" this will wipe out the ReleaseDir
and hence the "premakeimg.bat" and "xxx.exe".

But I want to put them at a place where they gets copied over into
release directory before calling Makeimg.exe.

I see this file "buildrel.bat" in the public folder that copies over
the files before calling Makeimg but is MSFT supplied and we are
discouraged to make changes in the PUBLIC folder.

Can anybody help me out in this?Is there any other place where I can
put my files?