Re: Add OpenSSH to Windows CE 6 R2 build

Once you have copy SSH in your BSP tree (let's say the location is
c:\wince600\yourbsp\src\apps\ssh) modify
In solution explorer you'll find a SSH folder which marked excluded from
build (you can add it to build adding ssh entry to dirs file in
$(_TARGETPLATROOT)\SRC\APPS). Right click on the folder and choose 'Build'.
You'll find the binary files in $(_TARGETPLATROOT)\target\$(_CPUINDPATH).
You need to modify the .bib file of your platform (or your project) to
actually include the SSH modules in your OS image.


Luca Calligaris

"GrahamS" <GrahamS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio

Can anyone tell me how to add OpenSSH into PB for a CE6 R2 build please.

Tried the instructions from OpenSSH website and they appear to be from a
much earlier build maybe - or I am just being thick (probable), as I don't
know how to add the code (as a sub-project maybe) under 'BSP'.

Instructions simply state 'Copy the SSH folder in the BSP directory'. Once
have done that - how do I add them into the build/make them available for
editing/compiling etc.