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I exported my CE 6 SDK and installed it on VS 2005.
I have this problem when I try to compile projects based on my
SDK: when it has to link funcions from my CE 6 library that use
LPCTSTR type, it doesn't work.
I read about the different types of string in Windows, but I
didn't find a way to convert a simple char * to a LPCTSTR type.
This last is only a way to solve the problem, perhaps there's also
a way to use LPCTSTR types directly within VS 2005 projects.

Windows CE APIs are UNICODE only.
You have to use UNICODE strings and not "char *" 8-bit ASCII strings.
If you include "tchar.h" you can use macros that will allow you to
write code that can be built in both ways.

Valter Minute
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