Re: CECompressROM & CEDecompressROM

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I build some modules with PB compress.dll "CECompress" functions. Then I use
inside WinCE the Kernel'sCeDeCompressROMto get the data out. The PB
compress.dll "CECompress" function is very efficient. Now I would like to
compress some data inside WinCE. After some research I found that the
equivalent compress function in WinCE is CeCompressROM but this function is
no more available in WinCE 4.x and later.

I would like to know if someone knows wehre I can get CeCompressROM or
source code to rebuild this functionality.

I know that I can rebuild every compress and decompress functions for my
purpose but since CE and PB already support mostly what I need, I think that
maybe this function exist somewhere but with a different name.


I'm have the same problem and am looking for a solution. Does anyone
know where I can find a library that will run on a Windows CE device
to compress these ROM image modules?

CE contains the function CEDecompressROM, but doesn't appear to have

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


nkcompr.lib in CE5.0 (and 6.0) contain two functions called CECompress
and CEDecompress that are not compatible with CEDecompressROM (or the
CECompress and CEDecompress functions that come with Platform Builders
compress.dll file - which is X86 only). I'm still looking for an
ARMV4I library that contains the CECompressROM function (or

The compress.dll library that comes with platform builder (and only
runs on the desktop/X86) contains two functions called CECompress and
CEDecompress - this version of CECompress IS really CECompressROM, but
unfortunately will only run on an X86.

Is there are version of this DLL for the ARM processor? Or, even
better, a .lib version of these compression functions that are
equivalent to CECompressROM and CEDecompressROM.