RE: TOUCH CETK test fails in Windows mobile 6.1

On WinCE, the Touch CETK source codes are at
wince500\private\test\drivers\touch\ . About "Read Calibration Point Test",
it actually calls "TouchPanelReadCalibrationPoint" function, so you can check
what happened when this itme is running. Other fail items, you can also find
out the root cause from the source codes. Hope this is helpful to you.

"neuspring@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

Hello All,
Am working on WM6.1(613), and my touch is working fine.
When I test the touch driver use CETK, it's failed.
Query Device Caps Test: passed;
Set Sample Rate Test: passed;
Set Priority Test: passed;
Read Calibration Point Test: failed;
Calibration Abort Test: passed;
Calibration Test: passed;
Calibrate A Point Test: aborted;
Pen Up / Down Test: failed;
Point Test:aborted;
Drawing Test: aborted;
It seems the testcase can't replace the driver's report points
callbackfunction, it can't get the samples from driver, but can get
other pointer of function. And when the test is completed, the touch
can work fine(no reboot). How can I resolve this issue?