Re: Problem getting eBox image to boot

Hi "New_CE_developer".

I just started using the eBox 4300 Spark kit. I used the disk which was
included to build the default platform, but when I try to boot it on the
ebox, it appears to "hang".
I have read the jump start guide and it only has sunny day senarios.

If you have used the jump start guide as a basis, you have created a hive based OS design.
However, by the start of the new runtime image the old registry is loaded from the SSD with wrong/old data.

Now you have two possibilities:

1. Create an OS design that exclusively uses the object store (you must change some environment variables).
Download and start the runtime image from Platform Builder.

2. First delete all files of the old preinstalled OS design.
After this copy the new nk.bin to the SSD of the eBox.

This batch file will help clean up the disk:


I have written down my experiences with the eBox SPARK kit here (unfortunately, only in in German):