OCX 7 COntrol window media player

Hi all,

I am testing window media player OCX 7 control. I have added window media
player OCX 7 and dependencies like directshow in catlog Item and m also
getting wmpocx.dll, wmpocx_loc.dll and wmpocx_skin.dll in the release
directory and also it's entry in ce.bib file.

But m not finding Window embedded 6.0 FP6 in my platform builder. which is
also requied for OCX 7 as mentioned in following link


Can anyone tell ...

1). how to get Window embedded 6.0 FP6?
2). what are the differences between OCX 6.4 and OCX 7.0. how can I
differentiate OCX 6.4 and OCX 7.0.

Ranjit Ranjan


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