Re: DFU Support CE 5.0

eFalcon <vijay.kompella@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I want to perform USB - DFU using my CE 5.0 device. Can someone
please guide me on how do i get started on this? thanks in

You can do that in many different ways and the best way depends on
your device usage and features.
With DFU I suppose that you mean upgrade of the Windows CE OS and/or
of your application.
Do you have a USB host or a USB device port (or both, maybe)?
Do you want to upgrade the full OS+application or you have splitted
the OS image and the application and you may need to update only one
of them?
I think that a more detailed description of your current setup (using
no acronyms :)) would be useful to allow people to provide meaninful
and useful answers to your request.
Follow the suggestions on this web page to have more chances to have
good replies:

Valter Minute
Training, support and development for Windows CE
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