I have two PC card with BSP for WinCE 6.0
1 VortexSx 6127
2 Wafer LX with Geode LX800

When use the platform-builder for create the image I want have a WinCE
operative system that remember the modification in the register.

The bsp for Vortex have in the in the catalog items the specify check box
for Hive-Based registry for store the modifiaction in the flash and all
function correctly .
The bsp for Wafer don't have in the in the catalog items the same specify
check box and I cannot able to enable this features in other way.

How can I enable the Hive-registry in the Wafer ?
I have set the check-box in the Core OS->Registry Store (Choose
1)->Hive-based-registry but it isn't enought !

Thanks all