Re: New Bluetooth Stack Connection Problem

Again, that's not how it should work. From the device, when you establish a
partnership with the PC via Bluetooth, you should see a choice of profiles
exported by the PC. One of those should be ActiveSync. Until that works,
you're not making any progress. Of course, "why", I don't know...

Paul T.

"Keaven Pineau" <keaven.pineau@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I was able to progress a bit more on the active sync connection. I added a
serial port service on my PC. On my device I created a direct connection
on this serial port and choose it in "PC Connection" settings. What it
does when I start the connection is the I get the message connected on the
device but active sync on the PC keep showing "connecting..." Any idea why
active sync doesn't complete the connection?

Thanks again.

"Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" <p space tobey no spam AT no instrument no spam DOT
com> wrote in message news:%236GmXkXKJHA.1012@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The ActiveSync connection has to be set up from the device end. Is that
where you're trying to initiate the connection from? Does the ActiveSync
service show as available from the PC?

Paul T.

"Keaven Pineau" <keaven.pineau@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Yes at first I wanted to communicate directly to the serial port.
Basically, I am trying every services...
I also tried to make a PAN but my card doesn't acquired a network
address. I am using IVT BlueSoleil on a PC as DHCP. I am activating the
peripheral on the device I can see that I am connected on the PC service
but the card never get a network address. Do you have any idea? I
cannot get active sync to work aswell.


"Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" <p space tobey no spam AT no instrument no spam
DOT com> wrote in message news:eAj0nMWKJHA.6004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Huh? You just want to communicate with a serial port program on the
PC, or you want to make an ActiveSync connection with the PC? If the
former, just open the port with CreateFile(), configure it with
SetCommXXXX(), and read and write to it with ReadFile() and

Paul T.

"Keaven Pineau" <keaven.pineau@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok, the stack works like you should guess. After reading an older
thread I suppose it is a problem with the keyboard I am using. I have
tried a mouse and it works correctly.

Now , I would like to know which application on my device I can use to
send command to a PC serial port. I have created a direct connection
with "make new connection" but it is waiting for an acknowledge on the
other side. I can see the text "clientclient" on the PC terminal ,
can we type in something to complete the connection on the mobile

Thank you,
"Keaven Pineau" <keaven.pineau@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello everyone,
I am in the process on including the last QFE into our next image
version. Unfortunately, I have problem with the new BT stack from QFE
May-08. My Microsoft Keyboard 7000 that was working correctly with
the old stack doesn't work anymore. The device can be scanned, I am
activating it but the keyboard stay in searching mode. Any ideas
what could make this?

Thank you,