Re: Breakpoints in bootloader assembly

Think we might need to know what bootloader you're talking about? What
version of Windows CE? What hardware debugging support you have? What
processor type? It looks like ARM, but why make us guess?

Paul T.

<jared.winick@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am trying to setup breakpoints in my bootloader before my the main()
function gets called. For instance, I would like be able to set a
breakpoint at the beginning of the StartUp function which is written
in assembly. I have no problem setting breakpoints for C functions,
for example I can create a new breakpoint and just type "main" into
the New Breakpoint dialog. I can also set a HW breakpoint using the
address of main (in my case 0x9000c1c0) and that works too. Trying to
enter "StartUp" rather than "main" doesn't work, nor does using its
address. I have noticed that the symbol "StartUp" isn't seen in my
bootloader executable like "main" is (as inspected with dumpbin). Any
suggestions of what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated.