Module in Files section in platfrom.bib

I am now in a project of windows mobile 6.0.While using the
platform.bib i have seen two section ;

I have seen all modules(.dll) are added in modules section.
A msdn page is saying that -
"If a dynamic-link library (.dll) file is placed in the FILES section,
as opposed to the MODULES section, it is loaded into every slot
location instead of process slot 1 only, which decreases the virtual
address space available to any one process."


so if it is then i am not getting one point that how a dll only will
be get loaded to every slot?
->Then how a file(.exe or .wav) will get loaded into memory ,measn
files loading procedure?
->and if i do vicceversa means if i add file in modules section then
any forseen issues will come?
-> Is it a restriction in wince or in windows mobile?

Please help me to know this basic.I am looking forward to you.



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