Re: Can not adjest Storage memory and Program memory in system pro

On Oct 8, 4:32 am, Henry <He...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, C.L,

What is the program in PPC? And how to know is it in my system?

Is there any function call need prepare for system in drivers?

I don't believe it is available for Windows CE 6.0 (and even if you
could rip it out of Pocket PC it would likely violate a license of
sorts.) Writing the application yourself though should be pretty

The program that C.L is mentioning is for dynamically adjusting the
amount of RAM available to Applications or for the file system at run-
time. This can be very useful for many applications.

However, if you cannot adjust it via the Control Panel Applet you
likely won't be able to use another application to do it either. The
applet uses the SetSystemMemoryDivision/GetSystemMemoryDivision
functions to adjust that programmatically, and likely any application
that does this in the background is also using these functions.

I would do the following:
1. Double check that SetSystemMemoryDivision/GetSystemMemoryDivision
work / don't work. This will let you know if the problem is with the
applet or the SetSystemMemoryDivision/GetSystemMemoryDivision API
Calls. If these calls work, then I would do a Get, Set(to a different
value) then call Get a bunch of times to see if maybe another thread
in the system is maybe re-adjusting the levels after you change them.

Hope this helps,