Re: WinCE 6 image with no packages

some ideas:

Open the nk.bin which is on the CF from Platform Builder and check if it
really includes the files you expect.
As suggested by Bruce, look at \Windows folder on the device, uncheck all
the check box in View\Options
explorer menu. Change the localization of the OS for example, and see if the
changes are reported on the device.


Luca Calligaris

"Gian Piero Gasperini" <platbuilder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio
Luca Calligaris ha scritto:
Well it looks you're doing the right thing, but you're not getting the
expected results; so
you're probably doing something wrong... Maybe is something very
Can you see 'Suspend' in the start menu on the windows ce device?
Perform a simple modification in the image: open platform.reg from the
%_flatreleasedir% and add this at the end:


Then run makeimg and copy the nk.bin on the CF; if, after boot, you can
still see'Suspend' in the start menu,
well you're not really updating the image...

I do not have Suspend in Start menu

In Start menu I have:
Programs (empty)
Favorites (empty)
Documents (empty)
Settings OK