Re: WinCE 6 image with no packages

Okay, so do the opposite:


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"Gian Piero Gasperini" <platbuilder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Luca Calligaris ha scritto:
Well it looks you're doing the right thing, but you're not getting the
expected results; so
you're probably doing something wrong... Maybe is something very
Can you see 'Suspend' in the start menu on the windows ce device?
Perform a simple modification in the image: open platform.reg from the
%_flatreleasedir% and add this at the end:


Then run makeimg and copy the nk.bin on the CF; if, after boot, you can
still see'Suspend' in the start menu,
well you're not really updating the image...

I do not have Suspend in Start menu

In Start menu I have:
Programs (empty)
Favorites (empty)
Documents (empty)
Settings OK