Re: KernelIoControl error 50

One more thing.

IST code.
1. Create an event
g_hevInterrupt = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL);

2. Create thread in SUSPENDED mode
g_htIST = CreateThread();

3. Setting thread priority
CeSetThreadPriority( g_htIST, m_nISTPriority );
4. Call InterruptInitialize
InterruptInitialize( SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7, g_hevInterrupt, NULL, 0 );
5. ResumeThread( g_htIST );

My IST code above I put in the console application
and I start it from command line.
Is that right or should I make driver, or put it in the driver.
If I need to create driver or put my IST code in the driver
please give me some sample code.
I don't clearly understand how does the IST and interruptinitialize
work in user mode and kernel mode.

Thanks in advance.
Regards Vlatko.