Re: Can not adjest Storage memory and Program memory in system pro

Hi, C.L,

What is the program in PPC? And how to know is it in my system?

Is there any function call need prepare for system in drivers?

"C.L" wrote:

There must be a background thread that dynamically adjust storage/program
memory size in the background. Pocket PC default has one. Never heared that
WinCE has this feature. I am not sure if it's new on CE6.0.

"Henry" wrote:

I have checked "AUTOSIZE", still not work.

"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

AUTOSIZE doesn't effect the Object Store in that way. AUTOSIZE tells
romimage to reallocate unused areas of the image to RAM.

Bruce Eitman (eMVP)
Senior Engineer
Bruce.Eitman AT EuroTech DOT com

EuroTech Inc.

"RyeCatcher" <> wrote in message
In the config.bib, there is an "AUTOSIZE" option. Please check and set it


Shanghai, China

"Henry" <Henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I build a system of wince 6.0. I can not change the Storage memory and
Program memory in system properties. When I move the bar, it auto back to
left side. What issues cause this problem? An how to debug it?


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