Re: Adding both .NET 2.0 and 3.5

Thank you both for your answers.

There are so many different meanings out there When .NET 2.0 arrived I was
adviced by this group just add .NET 2.0 and keep 1.0 and nobody had an
objection. However I did not follow this advice until now.

Also everyting points to that direction that these versions are able to
live together:

- They live to gether on a PC

Irrelevant. .NET Compact Framework is nothing like .NET Framework. Not the
same code, not the same run-time. Nothing. Drawing conclusions about any
aspect of Windows CE from how XP or Vista works is guaranteed to lead to bad

- I have not been able to find description on MSDN that they do not.

If you find a suitable page where it could be described, use the Send
Feedback link on that page and tell them to do that. They will do it.

It would have been a lot easier if Microsoft had written a small message
together with the .NET 3.5 that it can not live together with .NET 2.0

I'm sure they never tested it. You can install a later version over the top
of an earlier version in the filesystem and the right things will happen.
This is not so easy to achieve when you're building a bunch of different
versions of things into the OS, each of which should be independent. Yes,
they screwed up by not completely replacing all of the .NET CF 2.0
components with .NET CF 3.5 components when you add that from the catalog,
but it's not so easy to do that in the other order. If .NET CF 3.5 is
installed and you add .NET CF 2.0, it doesn't know about 3.5, unless the QFE
that installs 3.5 also modifies a bunch of 2.0's build files, etc. It
should be in the help, though.

Paul T.