Re: Can not Resume to S0 from suspend in wince 6.0

Typically display driver fetch data from a black frame buffer before suspend
to achieve a better effect. Check in the display code when the frame buffer
exchanged from 'black' to 'normal' (i.e. IOCTL_POWER_SET)
Check in your registry the mapping between system power state and display
power state

If the screen is 'black' because the backlight is off, check the backlight
driver power management
(or the backlight management code in the display driver if it's your case)


Luca Calligaris

"Henry" <Henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio

I am porting WinCE 6.0 device. I found that when the system resume from
suspend, the system back to user idle. The display is dark before I touch
touch panel. The question is that why the system not come back to Run. How
can system resume to S0? Any seting need to be done?


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