Re: Socket Communication over Active Sync

You can't do it, based on our research. If the network stack doesn't route
the packets because "ActiveSync" doesn't act like a real network adapter,
you can't somehow force it to work. Take a look at the results of 'ipconfig
/all' on the PC when the device is connected with ActiveSync. I think
you'll see nothing related to ActiveSync. If that's the case, what's going
on in the other direction is that ActiveSync is getting something via serial
(custom format), and is deciding how to make that appear on the PC's
network. That is, there's no network there to use in the other direction.
Think about how you could do this either using RAPI to tell the device to do
things or making the PC the server and the Windows CE device the client.

Again, you've told us *how* you're planning to fix the problem, *not* what
the actual problem is. It's the equivalent of saying, "I have to replace
the pistons in my car. How do I do that?", rather than saying, "I have an
unusual noise from the engine compartment when X, Y, Z, but not when A.
What should I do?" You might get a perfectly reasonable answer to the
first question, but if the pistons aren't the problem, you've wasted
everyone's time and money. The second question directs the discussion to
the *actual problem*, absent your own assumptions about the right thing to
do and will usually get a better response.

Paul T.

"Jack" <unseen_coder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
no, i do need the scenario where i can run a "server" on the windows
ce device (by using Active Sync)