Re: please help !!! usim controller in pxa

I've never worked on it but basically you have to write a stream interface
driver (prefix SCR) which links to
Your driver must fill up a SMARTCARD_EXTENSION structure which holds
function pointers that smclib will
call to handle IOCTL_SMARTCARD_XXX. PXA27X USIM controller has several
some allow you to read/write data on the I/O pin; you have an interrupt
register which will 'tell'
you if a card has been inserted/removed. The thing I would do is take a look
at the samples
(probably BULLTLP3 is the simplest one since it is interfaced via a serial
checking the documentation (which is not very exhaustive) trying to
understand the
driver architecture. Then try to fit the PXA27X stuff in the 'picture'



Luca Calligaris

<princyf@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio
hi all,
Do anyone of you worked on the usim controller of pxa 270/320?
i need to write a smartcard driver which uses usim controller.i am
refering the smartcard driver in wince/public folder, which uses
serial/pcmcia/usb interface.There is no information about the usim
controller.Can you give me info about usim controller driver? is there
any sample source code available?It is urgent
Thanks and regards,


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