RE: DRM on WinCE 6.0

Hi Rob,

Sorry bout the late reply.

I think the confusion has started already (get used to it ;-).
When talking about "license" I mean the part you get (buy?) from MS, which
you need to include in your image. with A DRM-key I mean the codes you need
to play content that is protected.
yup I am talking about the same license, that i have
obtained for microsoft. Well, my colleagues obtained the license for the clip
for different purpose. I have checked the validity of the license, i can play
it any number of times.

there is a seperate part (PB component) for transferring content to portable
devices (which's the name I choose to forget).
But beware that this is also a big issue (look it up if you need to do this).
I read somewhere that you I will need Active Sync, I am
guessing that this is what is required to transfer the contents, can you

I will send out a mail to microsoft, requesting the rest of the components
lets see what they reply.