Re: Active Sync over RNDIS Windows CE 6.0

On 6 Okt, 09:58, alexqu...@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Then, I guess the next step is to follow the instructions from
Voidcoder included in the post that I put above. Right?

Not sure what instructions you're refering to (but they're probably
correct ;-)

2) dynamic/DHCP

I guess here, the only change with respect to 1) is that the flag:


right? But in tha case, the device should be networked with the DHCP
server via another (real) network adapter...

You can have a DHCP Server set up on the computer to which you connect
the device to. I don't recommend it as the IT department usually
aren't that keen on having users playing around with DHCP Servers on
their local machines, but it works.

3) network bridged DHCP

You bridge the RNDIS adapter (search the net for "network bridging")
with an adapter connected to the "real" network and let the domain's
DHCP Server provide the IP address.

4) device side DHCP Server configuration

No idea how to do this, but it seems the most interesting option (for
me). Could you please supply any information to set up this mode?

OK, all of the other setups discussed above will need some end user
intervention to configure the firewall software to accept the
connection. To get around this you can actually let the device provide
the IP to the host. Now, there's no "native" support for this
operating mode in CE5 so you have to write a little bit of code
yourself, but by letting the device respond to the host's DHCP request
the communication is initiated from the host and is thus not filtered
out by firewall software running on the host.

For all this configurations, is there any problem if the device have
already an existing "real" network adapter? I think I read here
somewhere that there are some problems using RNDIS if another network
adapter was active.

I've run many, many sessions using both KITL and RNDIS simultaneously
and I've never noticed that it should be any more dificult than using
dual ehternet ports on a device.

Henrik Viklund
Prevas AB