Re: Active Sync over RNDIS Windows CE 6.0

Hi Jack,

yes, in several post here is clear that several people tried AS+RNDIS,
but a needed component is missed in WinCE.

Henrik, thanks for your answer. The provided information is very

I want to elaborate a littel bit this part:

I've used static, dynamic/DHCP, network bridged DHCP, and even device
side DHCP Server configurations without problems.

So, for:

1) RNDIS + static IP address

to get this configuration, I think one need a USB function driver (in
my case I use the Au1100, the BSP for this processor included in PB5.0
uses the one included with the SYSGEN_USBFN flag) and the RNDIS Client
driver and Network Driver architecture.

Then, I guess the next step is to follow the instructions from
Voidcoder included in the post that I put above. Right?

2) dynamic/DHCP

I guess here, the only change with respect to 1) is that the flag:


right? But in tha case, the device should be networked with the DHCP
server via another (real) network adapter...

3) network bridged DHCP

Not sure what should be set in the board for this configuration. I
guess in the PC site some like this should be done:

4) device side DHCP Server configuration

No idea how to do this, but it seems the most interesting option (for
me). Could you please supply any information to set up this mode?

For all this configurations, is there any problem if the device have
already an existing "real" network adapter? I think I read here
somewhere that there are some problems using RNDIS if another network
adapter was active.

Thanks for your help in advance!