RE: DRM on WinCE 6.0

I think the confusion has started already (get used to it ;-).
When talking about "license" I mean the part you get (buy?) from MS, which
you need to include in your image. with A DRM-key I mean the codes you need
to play content that is protected. Forgive me if these are not the official
terms. (it has been a while).

Normally these DRM keys are downloaded automatically yes, but you don't
usually get them before you pay.... This is built into the interface of the
website, or service you are connecting to. Unfortunately these servers
sometimes donot respond well to this, causing errors. Not sure if this is
speciffically a CE problem, but I you mention to the server guys that your
platform is WinCE, the light goes out completely.... So if your file does not
play, many things can be wrong, not nessecarilly in your platform.

Copying these licensed content-files to a portable device (mp3 player) is
another story, The DRM keys you got need to be valid to be allowed to do this
(meaning you payed for this feature), and they need to be transferred to your
portable device. Since time is also an issue here (rent a movie for 24H),
your portable device needs to meet some requirements for hardware, for
instance you need some kind of HW-clock, not sure if there are more

there is a seperate part (PB component) for transferring content to portable
devices (which's the name I choose to forget).
But beware that this is also a big issue (look it up if you need to do this).


"Ravi" wrote:

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the quick reply :)

So, you are trying to show DRM content without a licence ?
I don't think that will work. (?)
Actually I do have the license for that particular clip, but I don't
where to place that. Oh and one more thing if I connect the board to the net,
will it download the license automatically?

I think the licence is issued for your company (not PB), I'm not sure if the license states that it can only be used on a single platform...
Okay thanks, guess i better apply for it asap.

Good luck, you'll need it...
Thanks :)