Re: Active Sync over RNDIS Windows CE 6.0


I have a similar question.

Is it possible to use RNDIS fro data interchange between a WinCE
device and a PC (note: without Activesync)?

From here I would say yes:

but I also read here several problems when using non-static IP
addresses for the device in that configuration.

Being here, another question.

Is it better to use RNDIS instead the Serial USB interface? I guess
that they only differ in the way they are showed in the PC side (as
network adapter or serial port), but the speed of the communication
should be the same...In that case it should be better to use the
Serial USB interface to avoid some problems like firewalls, etc (?)..

Thanks in advance for your feedback,


On Oct 3, 4:58 pm, Henrik Viklund <henrik.vikl...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 3 Okt, 11:04, Jack <unseen_co...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

--> is it possible to have an Active Sync connection over RNDIS in
Windows CE 6.0 or not?

No, not to my knowledge. AS4.x need a couple of device-side features
currently only available in WM.

Henrik Viklund
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