RE: DRM on WinCE 6.0

So, you are trying to show DRM content without a licence ?
I don't think that will work. (?)

I implemented DRM on several devices in the past, it's just HELL.
Even when the target-side is OK, there can be many problems with the server
issueing your keys. Note that it might take you considerable time to sort
this out (especially if you're using a non-standard way of getting your keys)
Luckily the docu is vague on these issues, trying to understand DRM in the
first place is a task on its own.

I think the licence is issued for your company (not PB), I'm not sure if the
license states that it can only be used on a single platform...

Good luck, you'll need it...

"Ravi" wrote:


I am trying to build an application on DShow which can play DRM clips on
board. I found the following components in the platform builder and enabled
1) DRM License Acquisition OCX
2) Windows Media DRM 10 PD
3) Windows Media DRM 10 ND

But when I tried to play a DRM protected clip using the windows media
player, it gives an error and exits. (I thought i should try playing a clip
on the windows media player first, instead of my application, so that I can
rule out my bugs :) )

So my question(s),
1) What is the procedure to include DRM into a WinCE 6.0 OS image apart from
what I have already done.
2) Are there more components that I need to acquire from microsoft? I came
across this website

"Although DRM appears in the Microsoft Platform Builder Catalog, the
software components that fully enable DRM do not ship with Platform Builder.
OEMs wanting to include DRM in their OS design must register with Microsoft
to obtain the necessary DRM components. To request licensing instructions for
DRM version 7 in Windows CE, send e-mail to wmla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Does anyone know which are the other components that fully enable DRM?

Will a license be issued for my platform builder or the device that i am
working on. If it is the device that i am working, what details of my device
does microsoft ask in order to issue a unique license to me?

These question might seem trivial, but unfortunately not much information is
available on the net. it would be very helpfull if someone can point me in
the right direction. Thanks