Re: unable to use autodial.lib


My misstake, this API is not for application use.

I have another question.
Is it possible to activate/deactivate the ICS during runtime?

I'm trying this by setting the interfaces via the registry.
Deactivation works, but activating it seems to demand a reboot.

Is this correct?

I'm unable to get the autodial function to work. It works if the I for
example surf the web on the platform.
But using a crossed wired cable to a PC demands that the internet connection
is up and running.
Another problem is the DNS.
Accessing a web page via the IP address works from the pc(if the connection
is established on the wince platform) but accessing the same web page via a
dns lookup does not work.
I have enabled the ICS, DNSproxy, addressTranslation(includingIpEnableRouter).
DHCP is disabled when using ics.
The interfaces are specified correctly.

The ics seems to be working but with some limitations.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

John Melin

"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

What is the error message exactly? Are you linking with autodial.lib?

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"John" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have just added support for Internet connection sharing in our platform
(wince 5.0 armv4i).
I have exported a new SDK.
But when I try to use functions inside autodial.lib I receive linking
The functions I am intrested in using are:

According to the msdn online these functions should be in Autodial.lib

Please help.

Best regards