Re: [Win CE 5.0] How to adjust the Window sizes, icon sizes ?

Platform Builder has a catalog item called 'QVGA Resources - Portrait mode'
which would solve your
problem if you had a 240x320 display. Unfortunately you have a landscape
display so you have to resize
and redesign all the UI components that do not fit (mostly Control Panel
applets)... Here's a helpful
link from Bruce Eitman blog:


Luca Calligaris

"Siddarth" <gs@xxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio
Platform: Win CE 5.0

LCD display at 640x480 resolution has standard Win CE 5.0 icons on desktop
and size of icons are proportional to it. So are the window size etc.,


We have a smaller LCD (320x240). Driver porting is done and it works and
display is alright but the problem is with the icon and window sizes. It
appears to have same icon sizes as 640x480 LCD.

How & where to modify to adjust this icon, window sizes proportional to
smaller display ?.

Kindly throw light on this please !!