Re: Adobe Flash support in IE (Win CE 5.0)

Valter Minute wrote:
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Im using Win CE 5.0 under MIPS II CPU

1. How to add support for "adobe flash" in IE on Win CE 5.0 ?
2. How about performance when visiting sites like Youtube ?
3. Any suggestions for third party solutions ? 4. How to add Silverlight support to IE on Win CE 5.0 ?

Kindly share your experience/ideas regarding this..

Silverlight support for Windows Mobile (that may mean windows mobile _only_ and not "generic" CE) has been shown on some developer conferences but, AFAIK, it's still not available for developers, even in beta.
As Luca pointed out also Abobe seems to plan an "open" release of Flash and flash-related tools but, AFAIK, no software has been released and there are no betas or availability roadmaps about window CE.
There was a "flash for embedded devices" implementation but I don't know if it's supported on CE and if it will be dropped when the open release of flash will be available.
There was a flash viewer for PocketPCs, but it was ARM-only and I don't know if you can install it on a "generic" CE device or it has windows mobile/pocket PC specific dependencies.
Right now you can find documentation about file formats, but building your own viewer isn't an easy task.

Mr. Valter,

Thanks for detailing this information. The thing is, we just need to get the browser going with flash support and silverlight. We are not looking for building our own viewer.

This is a customer request so we are looking for 3rd party or some other solution.