Re: Create user account for ftpd


Thanks for the response - but I have already been there. The link tells me
how to add existing users to FTPD, which is one step.

The bit I cannot do however is to add a new user account to the CE Build
itself (ie in the link you sent - how do I first create the user account for



"Luca Calligaris" wrote:

hope this link might help you


Luca Calligaris

"GrahamS" <GrahamS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio

Using CE6 R2 under VS2005.

I have the ftpd service running and working, but want to secure it. I have
currently configured it for ananymous access.

I have seen lots of posts about using NTLMSetUserInfo() - but I don't know
how or where to run this code :-O. I 'could' do it in my target app - if I
knew how to get at this API at target runtime from a C# managed app - as
target will run my application at boot and so could install its own

I really want to add a user at platform build time (not target runtime)
simply as a means of managing the target system remotely when deployed
(upload new target files etc.). There will be little or no user
interface -
in fact the box will not be fitted with screen/keyboard - hence why I want
create the user at build time.

Have searched everywhere I can think of to learn how to do this :-O - so
help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks